The Mayfield Monitor Gets Hot in the Collar 1898 Graves County, Kentucky 1898


“The Mayfield Monitor Gets Hot in the Collar
It is said the bawdy house in the east end of town has opened. There is either no law to reach such institutions or it is ignored, as they are permitted to run without let or hindrance. 

Mayfield seems to be on the downgrade as to morality and Christianity. She now has about everything in the line of sin that can be reckoned, and very little effort appears to be made to check any of it. 
A few years ago the St. Louis Republic said that ever since the days of Adam efforts had been made to locate hell, and that it had at last been found at Mayfield, Kentucky. 
With forty or fifty blind tigers, a bawdy house or two, and any number of gambling places, together with the numerous other evils that are permitted, it is not very strange that the St. Louis paper should make such a statement as the above. 
Once Mayfield was the leading town in the state in point of morality and Christianity, but that can no longer be said by any one who has any regard for the truth.”

Mayfield Monitor
January 1898

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