Outwood State Hospital & School



Work began on the hospital in 1920 & officially opened in 1922 in Dawson Springs as a public health hospital (U.S. Veterans Hospital No. 79) for discharged sailors, marines & soldiers. It’s main purpose was to treat victims of tuberculosis and gas attacks from the fighting in Europe in World War 1. This predated the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospitals. It was built on the cottage plan with 28 buildings and housed around 400 at it’s peak. Later known as “Outwood Hospital” & “Outwood Sanatorium”.

With the decline of tuberculosis it closed in 1962 as a facility for tuberculosis patients. At that time the property was turned over to the state for use as a hospital for developmentally disabled and renamed “Outwood State Hospital & School”.

Today the facility is known as “Outwood ICF” although most of the original buildings have been demolished.

Contributed by Phil T.

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