Kentucky Historic Institutions (6)

Four ambitious and dedicated advocates who wish to preserve the memories and history of Kentucky’s asylums, hospitals and institutions established Kentucky Historic Institutions in 2016. Many of these facilities, long demolished and forgotten, have decades or even centuries of untold stories waiting to be uncovered. The founding members of this group, Phil Tkacz, Jay Gravatte, Robin Rider-Osborne and Shawn Logan have years of combined experience ranging from field work and photography to extensive research in newspaper archives and libraries across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond. Over the years, our members have connected with former patients, employees, and their families to gain a better understanding of what life was like and how these facilities operated. At this time, our members work entirely on a volunteer basis and we do not receive any monetary donations. Our members are incredibly passionate and the reward is knowing that these memories are being preserved for future generations.

While our focus will always primarily remain focused on the mission, the group is also providing side-projects on offbeat Kentucky history. You will notice links, blog posts and Facebook groups aimed at Kentucky folklore and legends, strange and unusual history, along with other points of interests such as historic brothels and mortuaries.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kentucky Historic Institutions is to preserve memories, advocate for the forgotten patients and employees and to educate the public about the individual history of Kentucky’s old asylums, hospitals and institutions.

Get to Know Us

Jay  /  Phil  /  Hope / Robin  /  Shawn


Our senior vice president, Marshmallow!


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