CSH: Martin Rollins Gallery

In January 1990, former CSH employees Martin Rollins visited the old campus and took a series of photos of the old CSH buildings. He did not realize at the time that within a few years, all of these buildings would only be a memory.

Note: All photographs on this pages are used with explicit permission from, and are courtesy of, Martin Rollins.

52401206_10218216158292331_2966570968325029888_o (1)
Administration Building


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 6.49.09 PM.png
Administration Building


52134226_608576376261241_608907632496869376_n (1)
Eastern Tower


52361870_310504536268229_6959644746801217536_n (1)
Main Entrance, Administration Building


52736773_10218216160772393_1037232175327477760_o (1)
Shelby Building


51964347_10218216162572438_4662842824134230016_o (1)
Rear, Western side, Shelby Building (Powerhouse in Background)


52354544_1981360358825607_1463009927105609728_n (1)
Cardinal Building (Left) and Kitchen (Right)


51775724_10218215725921522_2636415560971190272_o (1)
Merritt Building


52467404_10218216158932347_8786033650455019520_o (1)
Rear of Administration Building


51966824_2183880321928253_1390877433133006848_n (1).jpg
Looking Towards Laundry and Water Tower


52047689_324693984830069_2982566762270162944_n (1).jpg
Breckinridge Building (Originally Built as Nurses’ Dormitory)


52258726_10218215724201479_40029486040743936_o (1)
Jefferson Building


52188011_340143406606470_8157650703502802944_n (1)
Merritt Building


52328312_10218216163972473_3071479070697979904_o (1)
Cardinal Building


52565894_272904126942093_5647106516419870720_n (1).jpg
Water Tower and Shelby Building


51798022_10218216162012424_197416651342217216_o (1).jpg
Oakwood Building


52080712_750090338724639_7956709219745398784_n (1).jpg
Oakwood Building, Main Entrance


51926036_10218216163372458_6917426742994927616_o (1)
Rear, Oakwood Building (Lyon Building in Background)


51630079_10218216164452485_772041760393134080_o (1)
Maintainance Building


52440779_313836105942371_8876019649167228928_n (1)
Rear, Administration Building


51985892_236083530523966_2746119445301690368_n (1)
Walkway Between Lyon (Left) and Cardinal (Right) Buildings


51958471_2120252524710037_6658041543296811008_n (1)
All that remains are memories.

Work Contributed By: Jay Gravatte and Martin Rollins

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