Tubercular Morbidity Statistics

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The data presented here represent registered deaths in the Commonwealth of Kentucky between 1911-1960 due to all forms of tuberculosis. Locations of the deaths include, but are not limited to, private and public tuberculosis sanatoria, public and private hospitals/medical facilities, prisons/correctional institutions, state psychiatric hospitals, private residences, and any other location in which a physician was present or certified the death as some form of tuberculosis. The data do not include pre-1911 statistics nor does this number include deaths that occurred at private residences and not reported or improperly reported to the state. Since there is no ‘single’ source to rely upon we have had to utilize multiple sources. Therefore, there is a margin of error that should be taken into consideration. Each source has been identified below in the spreadsheet. The interactive chart uses the identical data in the spreadsheet but is for quicker access. The data will be updated upon notification of changes.

Approximate total number of tuberculosis deaths in Kentucky between 1911-1960:


Bulletin” refers to the Bulletin of the State Department of Health, edited and published by the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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