Hope McNabb Bryant

I’m a native of Franklin County. I spent my childhood living in old farm houses with usually and old graveyard or two near by. I always wondered who was there before me and never knowing the answers. I also spent my childhood at my paternal grandmother’s house, Granny. Granny had four intellectually delayed children out of six. Due to a possible recessive gene and/or diseases my grandfather was subject to as a WWII POW. I worked for nearly twenty years in the Cabinet for Human Services building not knowing it was once the site Frankfort School for the Feeble-Minded until I became the Records Officer for Behavior Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. I was even more shocked to discover my aunt and uncle were students. I recently retired and have been spending my free time exploring and researching trying to find glimpses into the past. I’m most intrigued by historical institutions because those unfortunate souls may not have had someone to love them or even give them a second thought.