Robin Rider-Osborne

Robin Osborne: Advocate of rights (women, disability, voting) marched for those who couldn’t

Family Remembrances

I am an 11th generation Kentuckian. I have been involved in historical and family research since 2001 going into the DAR on Patriots Mary Boone Bryan (Daniel Boone’s sister) and her husband, William Bryan and their son Samuel Bryan. I have progressed to DNA genealogy matching my DNA up to my paper trail. I am the family historian and also worked with our Tarvin Family Association on Book line 3. My maternal line came in thru Virginia in the 2nd colony in 1714, the Holtzclaw line.

I became involved in the preservation in 2007. I did a presentation on Willard, the suitcases they left while on the board of Protection & Advocacy. I also became involved with the Eastern State Hospital Cemetery Preservation Project after realizing the profound effect that the unmarked graves at ESH and, later, FSH, had on me. I had two siblings that were briefly placed in Hazelwood Hospital in the 1970’s. My sister tragically died there in restraints (her death notice and investigation are on this site). My brother was then transferred to Oakwood in Somerset, Kentucky. As a result, I became an advocate and work to try and make things better for folks with disabilities today. I feel that if we preserve this history we can see where we have been and, hopefully, won’t repeat the past.

I am a former business owner, a mother, and grandmother.