Kentucky’s Historical Lunacy Laws



The following is a compilation of lunacy laws that were established in the Commonwealth of Kentucky up to the year 1883. Please remember to keep these laws in a historical context when reading them. The book, in its entirety, is in the public domain and can be viewed freely online.

To view the book online, please visit this link.


Hamilton, A. M. (1883). Types of Insanity an Illustrated Guide in the Physical Diagnosis of Mental Disease. New York, NY: William Wood & Co.

Harrison, G. L. (1884). Legislation on Insanity: A Collection of All the Lunacy Laws of the States and Territories of the United States to the Year 1883, Inclusive. Also the Law of England on Insanity, Legislation in Canada on Private Houses, and Important Portions of the Lunacy Laws of Germany, France, Etc. (1st ed., Vol. 1). Philadelphia, PA: Press of Globe Printing House.

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