Welcome to Kentucky Historic Institutions!

Please check this post before you get started for updated information and quick tips.

Searching for Records?

We have a limited number of records available. The majority of these have been transcribed and posted in the appropriate links on this website. If you would like physical copies of records, we can guide you on the process of obtaining those records. Please remember that not all records are available. KHI has no control over the availability of records.

As of 2019, we will not have access to death records after the year 1960. That means if the patient or inmate died in one of Kentucky’s state hospitals or institutions AFTER 1960, we will not be able to access any vital statistics. The good news is that we can provide you with information on how to obtain these records from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This is contingent upon record availability which we have no control over. Please contact us via the website if this is the case.

We also ask that you provide us with as much information as possible; this would include first and last names, dates and locations of birth and death, last known location, and any other information you might have available. Please avoid sending social security numbers of anyone living or deceased.



Kentucky Historic Institution’s mission is to preserve memories, advocate for the forgotten patients and employees and to educate the public about the individual histories of Kentucky’s asylums, hospitals and institutions.

About Us

We are five ambitious and dedicated advocates who wish to preserve the memories and history of Kentucky’s asylums, hospitals and institutions established Kentucky Historic Institutions in 2016. Many of these facilities, long demolished and forgotten, have decades or even centuries of untold stories waiting to be uncovered.

The founding members of this group, Phil Tkacz, Jay Gravatte, Hope Bryant, Robin Rider-Osborne and Shawn Logan have years of combined experience ranging from field and clinical work to extensive research in newspaper archives and libraries across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond. Over the years, our members have connected with former patients, employees, and their families to gain a better understanding of what life was like and how these facilities operated. At this time, our members work entirely on a volunteer basis and we do not receive any monetary donations. Our members are incredibly passionate and the reward is knowing that these memories are being preserved for future generations.

Written, visual, and oral histories will be provided for the various institutions so please check our website frequently for updates. The main page of this website also houses a blog which will be updated on a regular basis providing educational and other information related to the institutions featured on the website. Please remember that the website is a work in progress and we will be providing updates as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you would like to contact us or to provide additional information, photos and stories then please click here. You can also visit and participate in our Facebook groups. Welcome and thank you for supporting our community!

Important note:

If you would like to use any information on this website (including text, bios, photos and any other information) you must first contact us. Some information is courtesy of other sources (of which are cited) and as such we do not own some of the copyrighted text or photos. Please remember that information contained on this site, authored by us, is provided under the following licenses:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please read our disclaimer statement and terms of service.

Kentucky Historic Institutions is NOT affiliated with any local, state, federal, national, or international agency. Kentucky Historic Institutions is NOT affiliated with the Commonwealth of Kentucky or any other public or private state, local, or federal agency, organization, sector, department, office, non-profit or charitable organization, healthcare systems or facilities, government or academic facilities or institutions. This includes but is not limited to organizations within or outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that are currently active or have ever been active.

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